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PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 2:48 am 
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I thought it would be fun to take porn pictures, either BDSM or vanilla, post them on this thread, and provide a short description of what they would represent in the Erenisch universe. It can be something general or a specific story about an individual girl. I can look at most porn pictures and form BDSM stories around them easily and I'm interested to see other people's pictures and descriptions. If there is some slight detail of your story that differs from E's description, you can just say that your story happens in a different country with slightly different laws and customs.

So here is one (log in if you can't see it below). This is a potential history which doesn't necessarily match Erenisch's story line but could conceivably happen in that Universe. Sometime in the near future, American intelligence alerts the President that North Korea is on the verge of developing functional long range nuclear missiles. Deciding that this puts the world at too much risk, the President orders North Korea to be brought under the control of the American military. The invasion was swift and brutal. The North Korean government, lacking America's extensive spy satellites, never saw the attack coming and were quickly overwhelmed. They attempted to fire what missiles they had, but their military bases had by that time been reduced to rubble and thus could put up no defense.

Bursting with pride and patriotism, Americans everywhere cheered and called for North Korea to be stripped of its resources as punishment for their actions. They would pay dearly for threatening America and the world. The United States would have its revenge. North Korean money was confiscated along with natural resources and other commodities. One such commodity was North Korean women. Americans knew that in ancient times, conquering tribes would take women from the towns they attacked and force them to be wives or sell them off as sex slaves. With female slavery legalized, Americans of both genders realized that this was a perfect opportunity to do it again to punish the North Korean people. The entire female population of North Korea was rounded up and enslaved. They were permanently stripped of their clothes. They would be forced to be naked for the rest of their lives to remind them that the only reason they were still alive was to serve their American Masters. Each American soldier involved in the invasion was given a free cunt as a reward for their service to their country. The rest of the girls were sold off individually to the highest bidders in the United States.

The women of North Korea had spent their lives being taught to hate America. Now they would spend the rest of their lives being taught to submit to American men and serve them as slaves. Luckily, North Korean women had also spent their lives obeying powerful men, from Kim Jong Un and his military generals down to their fathers and husbands. North Korean women grew up knowing that to complain would just lead to pain or death so they stayed silent and never challenged their husbands. Though they mourned the destruction of their country, none of the North Korean women challenged their new American masters. They spoke no English, but since displeasing their American Masters meant a swift kick in the cunt or stomach (or some worse torture) they soon learned enough English words to get by with their chores and sexual duties. They were quick to learn what their Masters liked sexually and learned how to please him because they knew that their lives depended on it. Obedience was expected immediately from the North Korean girls and was strictly enforced. The girls knew to obey their new Masters without question.

It was common for American homes to own a North Korean slave girl. The husband and sons would enjoy fucking her while the jealous wife would punish her for being such a slut, causing her to cry in pain each time. Both men and women enjoyed humiliating the North Korean girls every chance they got. They would get creative with how to torture their North Korean slave girl and would compete to see who could cause her the most pain without permanently injuring her. Whenever an American would see a naked North Korean girl, crawling next to her American Master as he walked down the street, a leash and collar on her neck, it filled the citizens with pride that their nation had defeated the Communist foe and brought their women into submission. American men and women agreed that the North Korean sluts deserved to be slaves to Americans and were rightfully being treated like the worthless cunts that they were. Thus all North Korean women spent the rest of their lives suffering under the American victors, serving their male Masters' every desire and learning the true meaning of American power.

So there you go. There is my first attempt. Yours can be shorter or longer if you wish. Post your pictures and your description of what they would be in the Erenisch universe. I'm excited to see what people come up with.

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PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2015 6:11 pm 
Prize Show Cunt
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Well, I am game for a try.

She wakes groaning and confused, the realization that her clothes are gone, that while she was out her body has been stripped, used. Oh god, what did they put in her drink at that bar. Her mind is suddenly filled with the image of those good ol’ boys laughing as she stumbled as her eye lids grew heavy. No this could not have happened to her, she paid her freedom fee, she was a free woman.
Then a dark thought fills her mind, one word. Rustlers. She can feel her nipples harden with panic and fear, almost to the point where they feel like they will pop. She has fallen into the hands of men who deal in the illegal sale of free women.
As she rolls over and shakily crawls all fours, the hay of her pen in her hair, on her back and flanks she hears the man’s voice for the first time. The man she will come to know as owner. A dirt poor farmer who is trying to compete against the big dairies.

“See boys, she’s a well put together cunt. Nice ass and big udders. We will get years of hard milking and fucking out of this beauty.”

She gives a groan and a sob looking round at the farmer and his sons, smiling down at her from the wooden rail of her pen.

“Don’t be scared beautiful, you’ll love being our prize cow. So boys, who wants first go on her. Got to get her used to slavery.”


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