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The Hidden
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Hotties Next Door 8
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My $on's Debt
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Proto Part 2
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:08 am 
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I'm a big fan of youtube videos for movie easter eggs and I'm a big fan of Erenisch. So I decided to do an easter egg review for SF3 because it has a million of references.

I try to be thorough but let me know if you find any more.

- The cover is self referential with the usual slave fair banner and girls on the auction block. This time with 3 girls for the third episode.

- Minerva appears with a different hair color. She had black air in SC2 and she explained she change her hair color to appear less attractive. I'm not sure if she wanted to appear more or less attractive in this one.

- Agent Roy mentions that he is going to evaluate a new A-S. Reference to SC2 where we learn that agents r@pe their new slavecops for a week.

-Pudendia was mentioned in Karma and we know form Maria's speech that they had a military coup a few years ago.

-Pudendian coat of arms has a fist and arrow. That probly means they have a ruling party ideologically aligned with Pussiana.

-The princess have something written on their chests in the picture. If there is somebody who can read "Pudendian" please translate.

-Lidia breaks a well known rule for slaves by talking without permission and she was violently silenced. This happened a lot before showing that her obedience is not perfect.

-Lidia is still a level 7 like in SC2. Bouncytits is level 4. This means Bouncy also has a very high retrieval number. The difference is probably because of the cult mission.

-Jamie and Colleen both are pregnant. Jamie still does not have a slaveband so we can assume that she is either illegal or maybe now a wife.

-Erin replaced Anita as the toilet slave.

-This time Jason doesn't use his aerocar. So I assume that he lives in Maidenfair?

-Ponycart parlor in the backgroud. This is where Steven got his ponycart in SF2.

-Mr Goodpecker works as a security guard at the fair. He was working in a hucow farm in Sit3.
-St. Gatolica is in the pusilok pen. This means she came with a male but he left her at the gate.
-Cockfood and Fuckpet slave stores in the background. They appeared in every fair episode and on t-shirts in other comics.

-whore store and Juicy Latinas slave stores in the background. They appeared in every fair episode.
-Mattfon has a cameo with three slaves.

-Bunnyhops costumed girls are promoting the Carrot Hunt video game. Maggie played that game in BG10.
-Various clothing and fashinn brands in the background. We saw most of these in previous comics on t-shirts.

-Reference to the the cat girl Fred bought in SF1. Fred sold her in SF2. She is now owned by the TV boss from Sit
-The vendor who bought Anita and Mandy from Jason in SF2 appears.
-Reference to Portacunt from the Society.

-Spaz appears with two slaves
-Cummypaws reference in the background
-Lea Merrie is pulling a ponycart. Cunt Creek Ranch reference in the background.

-There is a six-phallus god figure in the background. It must be a erenisch universe deity worshipped in Veshya
-Reference to the widespread use of drugs and chemicals in the west? This could be subtle erenischean social commentary :)
-Reference to Paipan, a yametese firm mentioned in the Office.

-Reference to Hung Ho from SF2
-Reference to Ottohun city Ystantium. This is prob a reference to Istanbul Turkey where the belly dancers come from.

-the dancer is thrown to the crowd just like the girl in SF1
-Multicultural nuns represent different world religions agreeing on nothing except for oppressing women. This is a not very subtle social commentary :)

-The crossed arrows looks like the seal of the Vatican. Possible reference.
-The nuns use male symbols as idols. They have it on pedestals and on their rosaries.

-mother superior has "agna immolata" tattooed on her. That is Christian reference. Perhaps a foreshadowing her fate in a future comic?

-Reference to Cuntmatch agency

-Reference to Capital University.

-Reference to slut machines from SF2
-Reference to FSO
-social commentary on the screens? One of the girl seeks money for education but the other is in it for shoes.

-Mr. Pink and Mr. Black, a reference to Reservoir Dogs

-Momma's Cafe ad Fucca's pizza in the background.
-Quickrape store

-The Hot Buns restaurant is a possible Dolcett reference.

-Foxy Cola reference appears in all restaurant scenes.

-Toilet girls appear in all SF episodes.
-Babejuice reference on the walls.
-Helen Vess cameo.

-Alien abduction and zombie movie references.
-The alien is probly a reference to the dianoga from the Star Wars trash compactor
-Reference to cumpit from BG5

-probly more Dolcett references.

-Monster movie references

-fireworks in the background. The rockets are probly the same ones from the Anita scene in SF2
-Bad Lieutenant and Frankie Stein comics in the comics shop.

-Thon cameo.
-Cherry Butique reference in the background
-Girlmart reference
Cumqueen Petstore reference. The shop owner and his favorite slave 182 appear.

-Swiney's pig cum reference.

-undercover Lidia

-Reference to cow girl milk, Grilfodder and lubricant cream on the walls.
-reference to dumped girls.

-Peter's new van appears.
-Maggie is alive and married to Peter. :D

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Bangerman wrote:
-The princess have something written on their chests in the picture.


PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:05 am 
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