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Slavery rate in Erenisch High School
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Author:  Bangerman [ Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Slavery rate in Erenisch High School

I was thinking about how Brandy and Sylvia managed to survive high school as free girls. Their story fits the green haired instructor's suggestion that sluts have better chances than prudes (in housebreaking).

I think they are the only two who managed to graduate as free girls along with a few more unnamed cheerleaders. Did I miss any?

Students enslaved in BG comics:
BG1 - Maggie
BG2 - Sherry, Heather
BG3 - Tawnie
BG4 - Cathy, Patricia, Gwen, Lucy
BG7 - Nathalie
For Sale - Cindy
BG11 - Samantha, Rhonda, Ginny

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